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About Twisted Tortes

Hi, I am Monika CEO (Crazy Edibles Officer) of Twisted Tortes.

I learned baking from my mother ages ago and she learned from the pastry chefs at the Hotel Sacher in Vienna in the late 1940s.  But now my mother says she never taught me to bake 'like that!' so I guess that counts as 'self-taught'.

All Cake Art projects are created building on University degrees in Biology and Fine Arts, about 10 years of work experience in the edible arts and lots of spirited ideas.

Making an occasion extra special with a unique cake is my passion, from inspiration to decoration to the happy moment when the special cake is unveiled.

I named what I do “Twisted Tortes” because I “twist” the edible art materials into shapes that express what’s unique about you and your celebration and this gives an interesting twist to any event. I also strive to offer as many vegan and allergy friendly alternatives as possible, putting a twist on the conventional definition of “cake”. I can also offer some pretty twisted Halloween cakes, but that’s another story!